Collection of Recyclable Materials

We are able to offer collection of both baled, loose and compacted materials from customer sites, dependent upon their individual requirements. Materials can be uplifted to free up much needed space, which are then weighed and information passed to the customer electronically and payment made in a timely fashion.


Supply and Maintenance of Equipment

We can offer the highest quality waste handling equipment available to our customers including; balers, compactors, shredders, granulators, anaerobic digestion machinery, conveyors, air systems and can crushers. Maintenance to all types of waste handling equipment is covered nationally and we can offer full support by our highly skilled engineers at extremely competitive rates to new or existing equipment.


Supply of Consumables

We offer a 24 hour guaranteed delivery on all consumables, e.g. baling twine, wire, rotary compactor sacks, all at competitive prices.


Waste to Energy

Our aim is to bring zero landfill to our customers. Businesses are coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate environmental improvements. We can help to achieve this using modern incineration plants that meet strict emissions standards, where the residual material is processed effectively into pellets. The waste heat then powers turbines that generate electricity which is then sold to the National Grid.


Confidential Data Shredding

Keeping your senstive information secure is important to us and a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor a solution to match your business, offering flexible collections and securely destroy and dispose of your confidential documents. This is done at a state of the art facility, fitted with CCTV and alarms for your peace of mind. Upon completion, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that this work has been carried out to the highest standards.


Anaerobic Digestion

We can treat our client's biodegradable waste by using the Anaerobic Digestion process, which uses micro-organisms to break down material into a vaccuum, converting it into energy. Anaerobic Digestion reduces and can eliminate food waste that would otherwise go to landfill. This process generates bio gas, which is a source of renewable energy and can be used to generate electricity. The residual material from the process can be used as a fertiliser. Almost any organic material, including food waste, paper, wood and used cooking oils can be processed in this way.


Waste Audit

An experienced waste auditor will carry out a detailed audit of your waste processes to determine quantity and volumes, along with any recycling methods already in place. More importantly, finding alternative uses for waste that is currently sent to landfill. The audit will encompass waste handling, segregation and best practice methodologies to ensure efficient process is put in place to benefit your organisation. When the information has been collated, a detailed report is provided with recommendations where improvements can be made and cost savings realised.


Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

This is a simple, straightforward way to enhance recycling rates, diverting waste from landfill and reducing costs significantly. A container is provided and acceptable materials agreed which may include cardboard, plastics, paper and cans. There are many types of acceptable materials which are dependent upon your invididual needs. This service is offered to customers who are unable to fully segregate waste materials in-house but wish to reduce waste to landfill. As all materials will be recycled as part of this process, landfill charges are eliminated and costs significantly reduced.