Vertical Baler

Our CWSL 100 baler exerts MAXIMUM PRESSURE to produce bales weighing up to 150kg.

This mid-range model has an extended loading aperture to allow for larger boxes and fast throughput. It’s retaining teeth make it ideal for baling both cardboard and plastic.

Height 2.60 m
Width 1.560 m
Depth 1.030 m
Weight 780 kg
Transportation Ht 1.955 m
Power Supply 220 - 240 V (single phase)
Motor 2.2 kW 16Amp
Pressing Force up to 8 Ton
Noise Level 74 decibels

Height 1.000 m
Width 0.975 m
Depth 0.80 m
Weight up to 150 kg (depending on material used)
Cycle Time: 40 seconds

Height 0.470 m
Width 0.975 m
Depth 0.800 m