CWSL200 Twin Chamber

CWSL200 Twin Chamber

Vertical Baler

• Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts
• Multiple chambers offer an efficient way of separating different materials before baling
• Roller guided head for ease of movement
• Retaining claws to prevent spring back
• Top loading machine
• Suitable for areas with height restrictions
• Fully automated bale ejector: simplifies removal of bale
• Additional chambers may be added (up to 6)

Height 2.469 m
Width 3.032 m
Depth 1.269 m
Weight 1400 kg
Transportation Ht 2.469 m
Power Supply 220 - 240 V (single phase)
Motor 2.2 kW 16Amp
Pressing Force up to 16 Ton
Noise Level 74 decibels

Height 1.000 m
Width 1.20 m
Depth 0.80 m
Weight up to 250 kg (depending on material used)
Cycle Time: 34 seconds

Width 1.074 m
Depth 0.800 m