Portable Compactor

This portable compactor is manufactured on a CHEM Standard Ro-Ro chassis. It has fully welded seams and smooth internal/external line for hygiene and corporate livery.

Manufactured with a liquid retentive rear door seal system, this prevents liquid leakage onto water courses and reduces hygiene and odour issues considerably.

Our compactors are ideally suited to food, food processors and hospital wastes, as the unit is water retentive and offers a high degree of security.

Width 2.800 m
Height 2.900 m
Length 8.600 m
Clear Aperture: 1.8 x 1 m

Charge Box Volume: 1.44 m3
Cycle Time: 45 seconds
Power Pack: 7.5kW electric motor, 415v, 50Hz, 16A electric plug
Ram Face(W x H): 1800 x 800 mm
Compaction Force: 30 tonnes
Compaction Ratio: 5:1 (dependent on waste)
Control Voltage: 24v
Collection Box: 32 cubic yard
Penetration: 250 mm
Method of Fill: Bin Lift (hopper fill or manual door)

Hopper fill
Manual fill with enclosed hopper and door
Bin lift with safety cage