Vertical Baler

This machine has an extra large loading aperture 1.5m wide x 0.88m high allowing fast throughput of bulky recyclable materials, turning your waste stream into dense wire tied mill size bales, which weigh between 500 – 600kg to achieve maximum rebate values.

Height 3.86 m
Width 1.98 m
Depth 1.22 m
Weight 2449 kg
Power Supply 380 - 400 V (three phase)
Motor 11 kW 32 Amp
Pressing Force up to 30 Ton
Noise Level 75 decibels

Height 1.2 m
Width 1.5 m
Depth 0.769 m
Weight up to 600 kg (depending on material used)
Cycle Time: 40 seconds

Height 1.22 m
Depth 0.76 m