CWSL Powerbale 50XL

CWSL Powerbale 50XL

Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

The CWSL Powerbale 50XL is a British made machine, including rams, powerpack, motor etc. It exerts genuine 50T pressure to produce dense, mill-size bales, increasing rebate values and reducing waste disposal costs considerably.

The CWSL 50XL can be supplied with open or enclosed hoppers and can be loaded using a variety of options including conveyor, bucket tip or bin tipper. It can be built to suit all requirements.

Width 1.30 m
Length 7.50 m
Cylinder Bore 200 mm
Power Supply 63 Amp
15 kW Motor
Pressing Force 50 T

Length 1.20 - 1.50 m
Width 1.10 m
Depth 1.100 m
Weight 500 - 750 kg (depending on material used)
5 wire

Length 1.5 m
Width 0.80 m
Depth 1.10 m
with shear blade