CWSL Powerbale 60XL

CWSL Powerbale 60XL

Semi Automatic Horizontal Baler

The CWSL Powerbale 60XL is a British made Semi-Automatic Horizontal baling press that can produce bales of up to 750 kg (depending on material baled). Shear blades are fitted as standard. The Twin Ram Port Cullis end door is designed to eliminate baling wires snapping on ejection and is a full bale eject machine.

Width 1.800 m
Length 7.40 m
Height 2.190 mm
Power Supply 63 Amp, 3 P & E
15 kW Motor
Noise Level 72 decibels

Length 1.20 - 1.50 m
Width 1.10 m
Depth 1.100 m
Weight 500 - 750 kg (depending on material used)
5 wire

Length 1.5 m (2.0)
Width 1.10 m with shear blade
Loading Height 2.30 m